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Replacement car

A car covered by insurance

Avoid additional worries and complications.

How it works?

Good to know

Replacement car

Your replacement car will be in the same class as your own car.

One day cost

The daily rental cost must be correspond to the market price (up to 25 EUR / day).


We recommend choosing the insurance company's service - they are listed on the company's website.

Duration of repair

After repair work is done, ask for a service letter about the duration of the repair (when the car was delivered, how long this work lasted, when the car was repaired).


If the insurance company does not agree to cover the costs of a replacement car rental, apply to the Bank of Lithuania and appeal against the decision made by the insurance company.


If the damaged vehicle is "written off" during the event (when the car is repaired in excess of 75% of the value of the car), a replacement car can be claimed until the insurance payment is calculated.

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After contancting with representative of your insurance company provide the following information:

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