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We continuously seek to make CityBee even better, and our amazing customers have a significant role in this process.
By joining CityBee Lab, you will have a chance to participate in on-site and remote research studies and tell us your opinion about new releases, upcoming features, and crazy product ideas.

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What is CityBee Lab?

CityBee Lab is a research program dedicated to close collaboration between our team and mobility enthusiasts aiming to improve existing features and implement meaningful innovations at CityBee. To do it well, we apply a range of different research methods to unfold users' needs and behaviours using car-sharing services.

Signing up for CityBee Lab is free and simple. We welcome everybody, whether you are an existing or a former CityBee user, or a mobility enthusiast who have never used our service.

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Early access to new features

Inside view of CityBee – what we are working on

The chance to connect directly with CityBee product development team

The ability to influence the future of car sharing and urban mobility

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