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CityBee helped Lithuanian Police arrest a criminal wanted by Interpol

April 22, 2022

In attempts to trace a stolen company vehicle, the Lithuanian platform CityBee, providing short-term car rental services, helped the Lithuanian Police arrest a person wanted by the International Criminal Police Interpol.

On 27 March, an Estonian citizen wanted by Interpol was detained in Vilnius. He was previously convicted of fraud and other crimes. This person has been arrested by the joint efforts of the Lithuanian, Polish and Estonian Police and CityBee employees.

The story of this person’s capture began in the evening of 24 March, when CityBee employees were solving an issue. After one stage of a customer’s trip by a CityBee vehicle, the card could not be debited for the service provided. When the CityBee team contacted the customer, he promised to pay for the service but failed to do so and later ignored any attempts to contact him.

In addition, it turned out that there was no vehicle in the place where it was supposed to be parked by the customer. The customer was suspected of stealing the car and blocking its GPS signal. As a result, the company immediately contacted Lithuanian Police. The joint efforts of CityBee and the police soon revealed that the suspected customer was possibly wanted by the International Criminal Police Interpol.

The very next day, on 25 March, the CityBee IT specialists were able to remotely lock the stolen vehicle and determine its approximate location. The car was traced to a place in Warsaw. The data was presented to the Lithuanian law enforcement, which immediately asked the Polish Police for help. The vehicle was found in the evening of the same day, but the wanted suspect was still at large.

Finally, the man wanted by Interpol has been captured thanks to the vigilance of the CityBee employee and lucky coincidence. On 27 March, three days after the vehicle was stolen, an employee of CityBee noticed and identified the suspect, who had returned to Lithuania, in a public place in Vilnius. He immediately called the police, who successfully arrested previously mentioned criminal.

“On Sunday, the wanted Estonian citizen was urgently arrested and taken to the police custody. Although the detainee tried to mislead the police, his identity was verified in cooperation with Estonian officials, and the circumstances of the incident were clarified. We thank the employees of CityBee for a smooth and high-quality collaboration. Thanks to which we managed to apprehend the international criminal,” commented Ramūnas Matonis, the representative of the police.

Kristijonas Kaikaris, CEO of CityBee, stated that the company has a strong responsibility to ensure that its services are used responsibly by its customers without violating the company’s services rules, road traffic rules and laws.

“We are proud of the professionalism and responsibility of our colleagues who have contributed to this successful operation. We also express our gratitude and respect to the Police of Lithuania and neighboring countries for their efficient work. In such cases, we always work closely with the police officers,” said the CEO of CityBee.

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