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Volkswagen Crafter

Your best helper while moving! Height of the boot 170 cm, width 155 cm, length 345 cm, distance behind the wheels in the cargo area 138 cm. Note: This car can only be left in the area you picked up from.
1 min
0.27 €
1 hour
8.90 €
1 day
39.90 €
1 week
239 €


Manual transmission
Air conditioner
USB port
AUX port
Spacious boot

How to start the car?

The car is started by putting the key into the ignition and turning it clockwise.

How to turn on the lights?

The car lights are switched on by turning the blinker switch on the left.

How to change gears?

The car has a manual gearbox, so the gears are switched by pressing down the clutch and putting the gear stick into the desired position.

The reverse gear is switched to by pressing down the clutch, lifting the ring that is on the gear switch, and putting it in the upper left position.

How to fill up with fuel?

The fuel tank cover is on the left. The car takes diesel.

The fuel tank cover is opened by pulling towards yourself, then the tank cap is turned counterclockwise.

Fuel can be filled at any Circle K petrol station. You will find the payment card in the sun visor panel and the PIN code is written on the payment card. Add fuel, pay with this card and continue your trip.

How to open the cargo area?

The cargo area can be opened by pressing the button on the driver’s door or the button on the car’s key.