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Seat Ibiza

Linksmas ir drąsus dizainas, tačiau patogūs ir saugūs pasivažinėjimai. Tikra miesto diva!
1 min
0.17 €
1 hour
7.19 €
1 day
34.89 €
1 week
159 €


How to start the car?

The car is started by pushing the brake pedal, putting the key into the ignition, and turning it clockwise.

How to turn on the lights?

The car lights are switched on by turning the wheel under the steering wheel, on the left.

How to change gears?

The car has an automatic gearbox, so the gears are switched by pressing the brake pedal, pressing the button on the gear switch, and putting the switch in the desired position.

P – Parking

R – Reverse gear

N- Neutral gear

D – Drive gear

D/S Pushing the switch to the right, lets the driver change the gears by moving the switch back and forth.

How to fill up on gas?

The cover for the gas tank is opened by pressing it. Then the cap is screwed off by turning counter-clockwise.

The gas tank is on the right side. The fuel type is indicated on the sticker that is on the cover for the gas tank, the sun visor, and in the vehicle registration certificate, found in the car’s glovebox.

You can fill up at any Circle K station. You will find the fuel card in the visor and the PIN code is on the card. Pay with that card and keep driving :)