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Kia ProCeed

KIA ProCeed maloniai pavėžins tave miestų gatvėse ir ilguose užmiesčio keliuose. Išskirtinis komfortas bei stulbinantis dizainas garantuotas. Su ja tikrai neliksi nepastebėtas!
1 min
0.22 €
1 hour
9.19 €
1 day
41.29 €
1 week
189 €


How to start the car?

The car starts by pushing the brake pedal and pressing the POWER button (the blue button on the right, behind the wheel). The key must be in the car when attempting to start it.

IMPORTANT: The car is a hybrid, so it starts EXTREMELY silently.

How to turn on the lights?

The car lights are switched on by turning the blinker switch on the left.

How to change gears?

The car has an automatic gearbox, so the gears are switched by pressing the brake pedal, pressing the button on the gear switch, and putting the switch in the desired position. Having placed the switch into a position, the corresponding gear is switched on and shown on the left side of the panel – the current gear is highlighted. In order to be able to switch to parking, you need to press the button, labelled “P”

P – Parking

R – Reverse gear

N- Neutral gear

D – Drive gear

How to fill up on gas?

The gas tank is opened by lifting a switch to the left of the driver’s seat, similar to a Toyota Yaris, then the tank cap is screwed off.

The gas tank is on the left side. The fuel type is indicated on the sticker that is on the cover for the gas tank, the sun visor, and in the vehicle registration certificate, found in the car’s glovebox. You can fill up at any Circle K station. You will find the fuel card in the visor and the PIN code is on the card. Pay with that card and keep driving :)