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FIAT 500 Cabrio

CityBee veteranas, mažas ir charizmatiškas.
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0.14 €
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5.89 €
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26.49 €
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129 €


How do I start the car?

The car is started by inserting the key in the lock and turning it clockwise. You will find the key inside the car, in the cup holder, to the right of the driver.

How do I turn on the lights?

The car lights are turned on by turning a little wheel on the turn lever which is on the left-hand of the steering wheel.

How do I turn on the wipers?

Front wipers are turned on by turning the lever on the right clockwise.

The rear window wipers are turned on by turning a little wheel, which is closer to the steering wheel, on the lever, clockwise.

How to shift gears?

The car has a manual gearbox, so the gears are switched by pressing down the clutch and putting the gear stick into the desired position.

The reverse gear is switched to by pressing down the clutch, lifting the ring that is on the gear switch, and putting it in the lower right position.

How to refuel?

The fuel tank cap is on the right side, it opens with a finger, then you need to unlock the tank cap with a key and turn it counter clockwise. The car uses gasoline. The type of gasoline is indicated on a sticker on the tank, on a sticker on the sun visor, and on the technical passport in the car's storage compartment.

You can fill up at any Circle K station. You will find the fuel card in the visor and the PIN code is on the card. Pay with that card and keep driving :)